19:52, Wednesday, September 3
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"I might be easily captivated but to find them is like that one chance for a lifetime."

1: Good at petty fights, because i'll always gonna win. Haha
I'm a fighter on every word I ever spoken to people, even the littlest of things. People might be annoyed by my childish acts but if they choose to accept me the way i am, they own a place in my heart because I can't change myself just for the comforts of others. So yeah, let's fight. LOL
2: Lame jokes, because i'm never serious in any conversation. Most of it, hee
For me, a day without laughter is pretty dead, so in any way I'll seek for a humorous person or someone who can handle stupid jokes. So, I'm not that comfortable with someone who's serious like all the time. Also, I laugh a lot though, that's why.
3: Alien language speaker, or else you wouldn't understand meh EVER.
I don't even understand aliens but if you talk the same weird language I talk, you're awesome to me. I can't really explain how I talk but if you understand me then i'm impressed cos' most of the people would be like "what?" or "huh", making me feel all awkward. hate it, hate it, hate it.
4: Understands body language, because there where it lies the untold secrets.
I can't even say if i'm sick cos it's burden some so I'm hoping for someone who would know i'm sick just by looking at me. I'll be touched easily by this cos' it's not easy to detect unless you're with me 24 hour. But yeah, it's not that easy to win someone's heart aite?
5: Never cross the line, or i'll break it before you reach it.
this is simple yet not many can do it. my life is quite messy so i hope people wouldn't bother much too know about the details unless I tell them so. i'm phobia towards people who bother other people business too much, hence if you respect my choices and privacy then you have my full gratitude.

This just explains that i'm an immature lady trying to teach someone about life. Clap Clap Clap, end day one ;)

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