23:08, Sunday, September 7
maya blue
dark slate blue

I think this mean the important/highlight of my life.
Hmm, the moment i'm born, first fell in love, i think it vary and many but i'll try to take the most important one first.

Every time 25th July appear
Of course it's my birthday but I value it more cos' I'm the first daughter of my family and also a girl that had grown into a lady. I might annoy my family so much yet they still accept me as I am. Also, my parents valued me more as heir first child. I felt touched every time they wish my birthday. 

First Love
Others might have another idea of their first love but for me it is important because it changes my life and the way I look into my life too. It seems seamlessly because it's just for a short time and it ended a long time ago but to not forget every single memory with him is a miracle as i am very forgetful. People say fate, but I just say it's just a happy and building memory for me. I never let my guard down on boys ever since. I'm most comfy with boys than girls but since that happen, I become more careful than ever. There are a lot to it, but yeah it's just a memory so not really important, hee.

Automobile, hmm
I got phobia on any kind of transportation I handle alone. First, bicycle. I can cycle a two-Tyre bicycle only at the age of standard 3. That also because my parents sort of fed up with me, hee. I cry for some time and brave up myself to cycle down the hill. And yeah I did it with tears, lol. Second, motorcycle. I have had a bone fracture a bone on my left wrist because of my own mistake. I get my strength to learn the basic and not quite pro yet but my father sent me to get my license. Alhamdulillah I also passed with ease. Third, car. I first learn it by taking licence. It is manual, hard yet challenging. Once you get used to it, you get addicted. Hence, my parents let me drive to make me used to it and yeah i've gone quite far with it. but not yet comfy though. hee, but still the experience is thrilling so it's important for me. LOL

That's quite it aside from the basic things which is the most important things that make me what i am now, my religion and also family. To post about religion, i lack in quite many parts so i'm not that confident to post about it. About family, it's too personal and consist all parts of my life, so yeah. not that proper to post here. hee ;)

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