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1 : Makkah 
The main attraction for me is because there's Kaabah. Which every Muslim knows well for our Qiblah direction but not all had seen it in real. That is one thing. The story that we've been told since childhood about Islam also revolves there. The history that stays until today, is there. I also wanted to feel the calmness that people always talked about every time they visit for Umrah/Haji. Hopefully, one day.

2 : Japan
I want to see Sakura Tree! Like seriously I've seen some in most Japan movies or drama but still the feel is different up in front. Also, I'm anxious about their modest lifestyle, yet so modern. Like how exactly is that, haa. I'm also excited at the thought of Sushi but still have to be cautious though, so I'm more interested in the vending machines. LOL, nerd alert!

3 : Korea
Ehem, as a proud k-poppers, of course you wanna go here duhh. First, SM Building. because i'm a fan of every freaking single artist in SMTown. Their unity as a family is awesome and i love them as my second family in another imaginary world, LOL. Go Pink ~! Second, my junior's house which is in Daejeon which is a small and peaceful city. I like that kinda feel in some places, where you can enjoy scenery, take fresh air and just strolling around being grateful around the nature. Examples of places, maybe like an island, mountains, rivers. Being in a city is also fun though because there's entertainment and chances to meet your idol by chances on street. FEELS, haha. But I prefer going around than to stay at certain places, hee.

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