18:04, Friday, December 26

First of all, I missed being a full-time fangirl :3 I'm quite busy with my boring life, can you believe that. LOL. Today is quite fun as I have time for myself to catch up with whatever is going on in the k-pop world.

Okay, let's talk about this awesome duo. I've always adore Lee Hi (pronounced as Lee-Ha-Yi) unique voice. Ofcourse she's younger than me which make me more envious of her superb voice. It just have this r&b vibe in it. Believe me, you would fall for it in seconds. Hee. Oh, and another cutiepie! I never knew her name is Suhyun until I saw the singer of this song. I actually discover this song from a recommended mv on youtube. It just attracts me to click on it. Watching the mv, it is just so freaking adorable, argh. I just love the innocent stalker kinda concept. And of course in the end, no ones gets the boy. That's where it gets super cute. Their little impression, gestures, argh. Okay, back to Suhyun. She's an AKMU member, the sibling duet that have captivate many hearts through reality shows and had successfully caught my heart with 200% and Melted. ehem, haha. She's the younger sister, I think so. And she's adorable. I'm not sure how many years apart this two is, but looking at their faces seems like they could be on the same age. Which is awesome, cos their voices suit each other perfectly :3 I can't believe I could fangirling on this two, I have been replaying this song for quite awhile (meaning to show that I rly loved it). I totally have fallen for this song. Well, like I mention before in the mv it shows about this two sneaky stalkers who have the same likings for a boy. The cute part is they might seem competitive but they're actually in good terms. You need to watch the mv to really understand it. Hee. The meaning behind the song is maybe they're trying to prove that they're different from other girl that the boy might have ever met. maybe, it's just my opinion based on what i see and hear. Hee. Okay, you seriously need to hear it. Oh, forget to mention. The rapper, ahaa. I think the actor in the mv and the rapper is the same person but then I'm too lazy to look up for it. LOL. But the rapper is also awesome. I don't know why but his vibe is just so cool eventhough his part is very short. Maybe because in the mv, the part is distribute to a solo part where the guy actually revealed that he owns a girlfriend. Ahaa, plot twist! LOL, okay enough of me fangirling, you should definitely go and watch the music video, like right now! Go! :DD

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