21:24, Thursday, September 4
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Blog 101
I have lost my main purpose every time I open blogger. I might have thousand words to tell but at the same time i'm always cautious on every word I type. I judge myself a lot as I have many weaknesses, and I think that's what makes me lose interest on staying on one blog site only. I am too worry in the details that the main purpose I'm making it becoming boring. Hence, I've decided to motivate myself by doing the 30 days challenge to get used to it. Also, I have quite many free times as I'm on resting periods now. I hope I can bring back he purpose of why I make the site and also to not bore myself and make another one and keeps on repeating it. I decided to go easy, simple yet catchy to my eyes so that I would have the perfect mood to write or what not. Also, I've put up the basic for the simplicity of the readers. Also I have decided to post whatever that goes throughout the day or even whatever schedule I have ahead.

Talking about schedule, I haven't update to Kyungsoo's at all today, hmm. I might have be an official EXO-L but I'm becoming more lazy to update as my internet are super slow. But I hope he's doing fine also other members. They seems more and more dying as the days goes by but whenever they perform, they became super energetic. I'm seriously touched though it is what they called fan's love. I hope they take care of their health well, shiuu shiuu. What I know recently is that, they're still on their TLP concert tour, most of them busy doing solo activities like Kai colaboration with Taemin, Kyungsoo with his acting, Chanyeol in Roommate, Baekhyun & Suho still being an MC for Inkigayo, And also the rest with their new show EXO 90:2014. Just daebak, I salute them for their passion, hardwork, strength and everything. I'm very proud of them T_T

University Life
Also, my fellow friends in UiTM Segamat are going to have their finals this month. Which I'm only going to attend for only one subject thanks to my ko lecturer, Pn Rohaya who helps me to not repeat that subject next semester. Thank you very much, Pn Rohaya! Wishing best of luck to all my friends! Ganbatte!! Chaiyok!! Fighting!!

Oh, my illness have been confirmed as an autoimmune hepatitis. which is a rare case because what causes it is an unknown cause. What I understand is my immune system is confused and rebels hence attacking mainly on my liver. It make me go through diarrhea, losing appetite, swollen intestine, and also accumulated liquids on veins. It isn't a disease that could affect other or even family-inherited. So, i'm relieved to know that my family is safe, but I am actually pretty fine. Aside from the other side effect of medical consumption, I can still do heavy works, driving, running, pretty much all the normal daily activities. I'm grateful to know the name of the illness as it worries my family and friends so much.

Happy 6th Birthday, Gda!!
Special announcement! It's my sister's 6th birthday tommorrow! How fast the time flies my little sis gonna reach middle school in no time. I hope she's gonna grow to be a good and great person to help repay me, haha. Lol. Also to be a great muslimah too, amiin. Tonight we gonna pack goody bags for her classmates tomorrow. She must be excited for tomorrow, hee. Have a fun day my dear :*

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