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I have been wanting to do this for quite a while, just a simple yet helpful tips by me that is helpful in case of emergencies that I have in my daily lives. Illness is a sign that Allah remembers us. But we also have to find ways to heal it to continue with our daily activities, just because prevent better than cure. :)

1: Migraines/Headache
If you're having migraines/headache, don't seek for medicine (which is commonly panadol) just yet. Calm yourself and try to massage your head a bit, it'll ease the pain of contraction on your brain a bit. And my teacher once gave me this tips, if you're having the worst migraine like a serious headache, shut yourself in a dark quiet room, breath calmly, don't think about anything, relax yourself. It'll help.

2: Fever
Not your idol obsession kay? It's the real heat you're suffering that can make one uncomfortable. I think the temperature is 37/38 if you're having a fever. I would recommend taking a shower even though many people say we can't but for me it work out completely fine. It helps to reduce the temperature a bit and makes you comfortable too. After that, take a goodnight sleep without your blanket. Or else you would be suffocate with more heat and might catch a cold instead.

3: Cold
Plus sneezing. This is also one uncomfortable feel once you're having it. Keep yourself warm in every way possible. Also, just sneeze your goo out so that it won't block your nose.

4: Cough
This thing is a pain cos' once you started it you can't stop it. Restrain yourself from coughing too hard, swallow your saliva. If you had sputum, clear it away even if you feel like vomit.

5: Minor injuries that bleeds (e.g: cutting)
Even if it hurts, you still needs to prevent from bacteria infection. So, wash it with clear water. Don't just cover it with something first, wash it first. At least it won't be infected with germs and whatnot.

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