21:45, Monday, September 8
my gangsta boys. EXO >o<
another group of dorky boys, bangtan boys :3
the only two ships I support in EXO, KaiSoo & ChanBaek

Here i'm gonna list the ships and friendship and brotherhood that i'm supporting ;)

I might die only by looking at dyo my forever bias but his interaction with kai just so freaking obvious I can't contain my feels. >.<
Kai being childish again with Dyo's blankness.

How come Kai afraid of dyo once and now can't seperate from him very instantly. I FEEL YA JONGIN.
They always found and stay beside each other :*

They're only one year and 2 days apart from each other.

I love this two because Dyo is the hyung. And also Kai depends on Dyo a lot whenever possible. He'll find him instantly, i found it cute. Dyo isn't the type that talk or too attach to someone because he'll be spacing out most of the time. But with Kai he gave full attention and sometime depends on Kai. I found it adorable as Dyo isn't the type to link arms with whoever or hug someone tightly randomly. But with Kai he's the most comfortable which I found it amusing. I shipped them because of their little interactions, not because they link by gesture or whatnot. Their friendship are based on trust because Kai is vulnerable and Dyo is dependable. How sweet is that *0* People might not expect much from their interaction but the way they use banmal towards each other shows that age doesn't matter in friendship and brotherhood. I think i'm gonna cry T_T KaiSoo Fighting, I love you both and EXO Saranghaja <3

Taemin & Kai
Omg this perfect combination. I bet they can manipulate us by saying they're twins. Like seriously how can you find another you in your own age. And even have quite the same skills. Like OMG chills allover me >.<
Lee Taemin & Kim Jongin
The long awaited collaboration - Pretty Boy *0*
The best dancer representing their group, unleash their own charms.


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