22:02, Monday, September 29

I've been diagnosed. Yeap. It is an illness which our antibody that suppose to protects ourselves, attacks even the healthy cells in our body. The only thing I've to take care of are my fatigue-ness, emotional disorder, sun rays and also slight fever. This illness have make me weak and I might go a little stress than ordinary. I've been emotional since childhood so I can get teary on things that I couldn't even explain. I felt grateful that I've been diagnosed, at least have a proper name for my illness. I couldn't really explain to people what I've been into unless I've the name. because this illness is hard enough to be diagnosed and explained so go figure. I'm quite healthy though if you ask how have i been doing. I lost 5kg in 5 days, I can still walk around having a descent exercise, I might get teary but I still can manage my stress well, I still can study while being warded, I also have a great appetite, I still can bear the pain, I am strong, so I'm quite fine. I felt calm nowadays, the thing is, pain helps in reflecting people of who they really are. I once blames everything at fault for me being sick but then I'm in one painful situation, I can't think straight. Then, after I calmed down, I regret it. Everything. I've become more mature and change from that moment. I'm okay as long as I can smile and stand strong. This is just another way of Allah giving me chances to change myself. Alhamdulillah.

Sorry if my words are totally upside down, I'm writing while watching Harry Potter. Sorry again, LOL

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