14:35, Wednesday, January 27
well hello again, now an interesting topic. cos instagram have been my latest addiction, so i'm going to talk about it today. nowadays, there's this thing called aesthetic and feeds and themes on instagram right? i have seen a lot and i gotta say i am very amused cos i think i have this love for aesthetic things so much. it's just so pleasing to watch how all of the picture harmonize each other you know. so a little peak to my instagram feed, i just started this dark but contrast feed and i think it's not bad so, i continue with this theme.

you must know that i don't have a theme before i found this one cos i just started using vsco app to edit all of my pictures. before, my feed is all messed up cos i was trying to find the best filters to use, but in the end i learn that it's not about the fixed filters, it's how you view the picture and toned them to make them look good together. so, what did i learn from trying so much? consistency. seriously, if you don't have the will to go through all of your picture to find that one consistency, i don't think you can make it. like, i also tried to post my idols photos here too cos i am a fangirl but i cant seem to fit their filters to my feed cos most of their photos are bright and hd while all of my photos are taken only from my oppo joy, so the quality isn't always the best but i actually like how most of my pictures turn out tho. i have seen a lot of tips and a lots of accounts that are more awesome in this feed thingy. there are a lot kind of feeds tho. i tried this one in my fangirl acc, and it turns out okay tho,

i called it perspective, for those who doesnt always have square photos and would like to keep them full even in the thumbnails, i think this is a good feeds for them, the key is to put your picture in this order, horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical using the square app and it'll turn out like this. like, it didn't clash with your other photos (i really love this kinds of feeds tbh)

there's also this filter based which i think most of the people familiar about already. you can see one type of filter they used for each picture and it just matches each other very well
this is all my feeds and it's a not a good example tho but the point is, i am still trying to achieve that feed goals. but right now, i'll stay with my current feeds cos i'm kinda like it. as for my fan acc, it's a mess i can't even do anything about it *sigh*, i might just go over a few aesthetic accounts again for inspiration ^^~

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