11:39, Wednesday, January 27
i have a very long free time this morning so i decided to post two things today, one on this, the supplements i have been taking after i stopped all my medicine from the hospital. second, i'll be talking about my recent addiction, instagram feed. ehee, so let's start with this kinda bored but important post.
to start things off, let me tell you what illness i have been diagnosed with. it's called SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythemathosus) and it's not a common thing cos it's an autoimmune illness where your antibody (which supposed to protect your body) is attacking even the healthy cells in your body. for short, your antibody is confused. so, what's exactly does this illness do to me? well, because it affects your organs, the signs doesn't appear outside. that means, i look healthy all the time. even when i'm not. like right now, i look as healthy as ever but in real i am actually having a third degree of a kidney disease, and also proteinuria. well, if i put it that way it looks pretty bad, so let's just take this two things that been bother me a lot and messes up with my class schedule too. it's migraine and fever. i'm fine if it happens weekly or monthly but it keeps on happening in and off throughout the day which kinda drives me insane too somehow. i can't sleep well, cos when it happens at night, i can't wake up early. and if it happens while i'm having classes, i have to skip them. it looks pretty normal but it's not to be honest. when it struck it actually hurt. so, i am that kid who is famous for taking lots and lots of MCs to the point i just fed up on it. okay, we're getting off track here. so, as i said before, i stopped taking the prescribe medicines from the doctors cos my father is worried about the amount of drugs my body have to digest cos it's many, like 10 different types of drugs (if i'm not mistaken), and to make it worse, there's even steroids. yknow how it can effect your changes in body weight and hormones, the worst era for me. anyway, after i stopped taking all the medicine, i started taking Elken health product, which they called MRT product. it's a set of healthy and organic supplements which helps bring back the more healthier "you". i took two to four kinds of the product before but for now i'm just gonna talk about two, which i'm diligently taking every morning like a breakfast. it's spirulina and elfahex.

Elken Spirulina Elken Spirulina

i don't know how many people know about this but i'm not gonna talk about how it's scientifically proven or whatnot, i'm just gonna say how it felt like taking spirulina from a 21-year-old girl view. firstly, it's a chew-able pill. okay, when i say pill, it's not the bitter panadol pills okay? it tastes like nuts, yes like you're eating cashew nuts plus pistachio nuts (i am not exaggerating things but it really have that taste tho) but because this thing is green and you chew them, it leaves green mark (lmao), so what my father did is just swallow them like you would normally swallow pills. it's just small, and i took 5 per day. cos the effect of this is it brings back the metabolism of your day. it keeps you active throughout the day. so, if your took more than 10 it might can gives you fever (cos you're gonna be too hyper), so 5 is enough for me. It actually helps big time for a person who have no sleep cycle. I sleep at anytime and wake up and any time too so i literally have worse time management. so, by having this energy driven supplement, really boost up myself as a student to still go to class amidst whatever is attacking on my kidney and whatnot. and to add things up, i even have a waist pain. yeah, but having this can really makes me so active that sometimes i forget that i have a waist pain. so, to conclude, Spirulina is a really good supplement for those who needs a little energy booster throughout the day.

Elken Elfahex Elken Elfahex

here is one supplement that is made especially for a confused autoimmune like me (lol) the function of this softgells is to strengthen the autoimmune of your body (see, i told you it was made for me) not much to say about this (other than it's very pricey) but it does help a lot for an autoimmune patient like me who 100% relying on supplements.i really stopped all of the prescribed drugs and started on this products and alhamdulillah, i am becoming much and much more composed now. eventhough i can't really stopped the flares from happening at times but atleast when it happened, i have enough strength to fight through it. so, i am very glad that i took these two products. oh yeah about elfahex, the one i'm taking is a softgel, it may look like the protein supplement ones where you can just bite on it. i dont know how to explain softgel lmao but you'll know once you see it. so i took one per day. Again, elfahex is made to strengthen your autoimmune system so its made especially for everyone then. because sometimes when we overwork ourselves or go to a very unfamiliar places, our autoimmune can be quite stressed out too so, why not give it a little boost ey?

I said the word boost a lot, haha. Maybe it's because i lack of energy and i become more tired cos i keep on sitting down instead of doing exercises. well, i didnt do any exercise at all but i do strolling at night quite often tho. so, i am also trying my best to change how my lifestyle is to be more healthier eventhough most of the time i can't help but to munch out on junk food because of stress. but now, i even stopped taking 3-in-1 drinks, i mostly drink plain water (it saves a lot of money there). so, as long as i got my plain water i think i can eat anything i want tho (not junk food) and i am glad i didn't have any food restriction.i can eat anything as long as it is halal ^^= i am also hoping to bring back the healthy me that i used to be and stopped worrying people around me too much. pray for me, and i also wishes everyone a great deal of health too. stay hydrated! thanks for taking your time to read this long post of mine. wahh i really haven't write for sooo long now >.< thanks again, and may your day is blessed~

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